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Track and navigate bipolar disorder

Loved by users and caregivers

“I’ve been using this app for about a year now and it’s the only journal/mood app that’s has worked for me.”

“Thank you so much for creating this! I absolutely love the app, the design, and the function. After discussing evenmind with my therapist has informed me of the positive reviews from other clients she’s referred it to.”

“Love the app. You are helping me recover and getting my life back.”

“I LOVE this app. I find it better than other mood tracking apps because it’s not overwhelming. [...] everybody should try out this app at least for a bit, I recommend it to all my friends.”

Your new favorite tool for fighting bipolar

Super fast real-time tracking

Record how you feel in the moment with Even Mind's uniquely accurate recording interface. It only takes 5 seconds to create a new entry.

Enhance your clinical visits with precise data

Export your data and charts with a simple tap. Spend your appointments talking about treatment, not trying to recall symptoms.

Insightful charts

Easy to understand graphs reveal insights about how your mood and energy changes and potential triggers.

We take your privacy very seriously.

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