How do you really feel?

Even Mind tracks your mood and energy in detail, helping you to build self-understanding, improve mental performance, and stay healthy.

Why track your mood + energy?

While remembering events is relatively easy, it's difficult to remember how you felt in the past. But our mood and energy are useful signals that can unlock various insights.


Tracking your mood and energy can help you spot signs of mental illness and monitor treatment response.


Even Mind can help you evaluate different products and habits to discover what actually works for you.


Even Mind can help you optimize your schedule and habits to maximize your mental performance for work, school, and more.


By better understanding your psychology, you can more easily connect with others in your life, and help them better connect with you. 

What makes Even Mind different?

Even Mind has been crafted with care to be the best possible mood + energy tracker available. Multiple innovations create Even Mind's unique experience.


With Checkpoints, Even Mind reminds you to record at chance moments throughout the day. This helps capture a more accurate measure of your mood + energy.

Intuitive Recording

It takes less than 5 seconds to record an entry in Even Mind. And our recording interface is highly customizable, so you can personalize it to your taste. 

Insightful Charts

Even Mind has over 25 unique charts to help you spot patterns in your data and build self-understanding.

Dynamic Journal

Even Mind's Journal helps you reflect with a combination of charts, notes, and integrations with other data sources like your calendar and sleep data.

User Testimonials

“Love the app. You are helping me recover and getting my life back.”

“I’ve been using this app for about a year now and it’s the only journal/mood app that’s has worked for me.”

“I LOVE this app. I find it better than other mood tracking apps because it’s not overwhelming. [...] everybody should try out this app at least for a bit, I recommend it to all my friends.”

“Thank you so much for creating this! I absolutely love the app, the design, and the function. After discussing evenmind with my therapist has informed me of the positive reviews from other clients she’s referred it to.”

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